Property Law & Conveyancing

Over the past decade there has been an increase in the level of complexity and skill required to complete a property transaction. Our partners are professionals with property law expertise, which ensures that when you are buying or selling a house, unit or land, your rights will be protected and every step of the transaction is taken care of for you.

Buying or selling a property is often one of your largest financial investments so it is vital that you obtain the right advice during this process. If you do not comply with your contractual obligations you risk losing your deposit and/or being sued for damages. Furthermore, it is imperative that the relevant title and other searches are undertaken to investigate exactly what you are buying.

Our partners’ practitioners have over 38 years of collective property law experience so you can rest assured that there professional service will surpass that of the competition. The “Bespoke Systems Software” allows you to track the process of your conveyancing online, so you receive the same level of service but at a very competitive price.

Our partner prides itself on being at the vanguard of technology and with their online conveyancing service means that geography is no barrier to them providing specialist conveyancing services throughout Australia. Their conveyancing services include the provision of:

  • Expert advice from Property Lawyers;
  • Online document delivery;
  • Real-time progress updates;
  • Online tracking; and
  • Reliability and service